Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Doesn't feel like winter....

¡Buenas tardes! Well, it's December! Doesn't really feel like it though. Still very hot. Humid. Sweltering. Sticky. What's the word?... sultry. The night was sultry. Haha - little movie quote for you dad. :)

All is well in Zion! Things are indeed going very well - at least on our part. We're working hard and learning a lot. We did exchanges this week, and I went with Elder Reategui, one of the Zone Leaders. He's from Peru and is an awesome missionary and an awesome guy in general. We stayed in my area and taught a few investigators, less actives, contacted, etc. I learned so much from him - lots of ways to improve my teaching and to really find the people who are prepared for the message.

I've realized that there are a lot of people who are willing to listen to the message, but who aren't actually interested in it. The way to tell if someone is really looking for the truth is when they keep their committments. If they don't - well, we drop them pretty quick. We're not here to cajole or influence them into praying, reading, etc. If they're ready, they'll do it more of their own volition. Of course, we have to teach them well, invite the Spirit, and all of that. But I think we've been wasting some time with a few investigators who maybe are just being polite but really haven't been interested. We've decided to change that and I think we're going to see a lot more success in the future. So, for right now we really don't have any progressing investigators, but I'm sure we'll find some soon.

As for Raymundo (you mentioned this, and come to think of it, given Spanish pronunciation, he probably DOES spell his name Reymundo. I never thought about that - "King of the World!" haha) - he did come back early last week, but left the next day for another two weeks. Rats.  We'll have to see where he's at when he gets back and go from there, but I think  the chances are good he'll be baptized.

Not too much else happened this week - oh, except we went to the temple again, my comp and I. The President wanted us to have a chance to go through a session, so he gave us permission to go again. It was awesome; I loved it. Turns out being late actually worked out to our benefit. :) The Tuxtla Gutierrez temple is really pretty.

Other than that, the work goes on! Things are going well. We're learning every day, and trying our best to work hard. My Spanish is coming along pretty well, as is my understanding of the scriptures. It comes little by little, but steadily, and I can tell I'm making progress. The blessings are constant in the mission. I'm really happy to be here. Sometimes we stand for 20 minutes in the hot sun waiting for a combi, and that's no picnic, but even then I'm still happy to be here serving a mission. I feel very blessed.

Now, answer time!
My health is good, everything good. We don't get too many chances to get cardio exercise - we're not supposed to meet together as a district except for district meeting, and we don't have a basketball or anything, but we're going to try and find something to do. I exercise every morning though - jumping jacks, stretching, pushups and situps, and one of those resistance band things. It's been going pretty well, actually, and I'm determined to keep at it. My clothes fit fine, although I do think I've lost weight. I feel very healthy and everything, which is a very nice feeling.

Sounds like everything at home is going well - with Josh and Matt too. Give Matt my best - actually, here's a message for him: "Matt - I'm really excited that you're heading in just a few days! The mission is wonderful. Tough at times, but so much fun, and so fulfilling - the greatest work to be done. Remember your counsel to me, about challenges and blessings. It's true. Thanks for being such a great friend and example to me. We'll meet up in two and have a blast. Feel free to email or write me if you have the opportunity. I'm praying for you. Love you - Elder Greer." If you could pass that on, that would be nice. I'm also excited about the news about Josh - sounds like things are simply awesome. No better word for it.

As for email situation. If anyone in the family wants to email, they're welcome to, although if there are too many I won't have much time to read it - so I'd just prefer handwritten letters. But if it's email or nothing for some people, definitely email me once in a while! As for Grandpa/Grandma Greer - I guess I didn't get their letter mailed correctly when leaving the MTC. I'm going to write and send them a letter today (I have to give the letter to a member to send it, though, since the equivalent of the post office is out of my area). That won't get to them for a while, though, so can you pass this on too? "Grandpa and Grandma Greer - I just wanted to take a second and write you a message. Thanks for all the letters you've sent, for all your advice, counsel, and humor too! I'm absolutely loving my mission, and really learning and lot and feeling the Spirit often. I'm going to send you a handwritten letter soon, but it might not get there for a while. Thanks for all the fun times we've had together throughout my life, for all the love and friendship. I'm very appreciative of your presence in my life; I've learned a lot from both of you. I love you both very much. Hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime, all is well! Love, Elder Greer."

Dad - You went to investigage the "ruckus"? Could you describe the ruckus? Haha (another movie quote ha) It sounds like the big wrestling tournament with the cousins at Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I also think it's cool that Scott and Lily asked about me and the mission - it was neat getting to know them last year.  Hopefully the fact that I'm serving, and the experiences I share, can have some sort of influence on those that are kind enough to take the time to read my letters.  I think what Uncle Bruce said is pretty cool. :) Tell him thanks for me. How's his family doing? Anything going on with any of them?
Car battery troubles again... oh boy. Who's going to help you push it through traffic in the snow this time? Haha. Hopefully the fix is something simple and cheap, and that you don't have too many problems with it. (but that was kinda fun last year... in a way. :) I was thinking about the music video the other day, and wanted to ask how it's going. I'm excited to see it when I get home. You'll have to let me know how it all turns out when it's done, and what everyone thinks of it. I think we (you) did a really good job with it. Thanks, Dad, for everything. I'll read the letter and reply to it next week, as usual. I'm really very grateful for everything you've done for me - your example, friendship, and love. Some of my favorite memories are the times we've shared together - writing conferences and Scotland trips, but also long hikes with Nikka, talking about our books, or eating spicy hot dogs and watching a movie at 1 am. All of it has been great. Thanks for everything. I love you.

Mom: I'm glad you had such a fun birthday and that everything went well. No Costco cake? Haha. It sounds like everyone is doing really well, especially Reagan, and it makes me really happy to hear that. The Lord blesses all of us all the time, doesn't he? I'm glad to hear you're still trying to work in the yard too. :) Has it snowed any more yet? Are you getting ready for Christmas? I love you very much and always love hearing from you. Thanks for everything you've taught me. :)

Miranda: Ahh, speed basketball. Sounds like Thanksgiving was a blast. Let me know everything is going, any cool Mexico mission stories you hear from Chad's homecoming, how school is going and all that. Ender's Game is one of my favorite books, so enjoy it! Dad's read it too, so talk to him about it while you're reading. I was thinking the other day - I'll get home right before the fall semester starts, and you'll have graduated... so we could be going to BYU together! :) Even sharing some classes... I think that would be really fun. Of course, that depends on what you decide to do college-wise... but something to think about. Anyway, I hope things are going great. I love you very much. :)

Gabbie!: I was excited to hear that BYU won! Sounds like a regular party at the Greer home. Nikka running around like a madman... Haha. Gabs, you're a pretty good writer and storyteller, you know that? I always love your letters. I'm glad you got to see your teachers sumo wrestling too. I bet that was fun. How are you treating my room?? :) I love you very much and can't wait to hear from you again! :)

Well, my half-hour at the cyber cafe is up. It's been a great week and time is just flying by. Thank you very much for all the love and support; I truly am blessed by your prayers and am praying about each of you as well. Life is wonderful. I love you all!
Con amor,
Elder Greer

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